Issue 76

This edition looks at some serious stuff: The challenge of housing Ealing residents for one. It seems much new housing is aimed at investors and the rich rather than Ealing citizens. Our article on page 6 explains all. We'll return to this subject we're sure, particularly as it seems the Council encourages this through the planning process and maybe because of its own fiscal challenges arising from Government cuts. Ealing Notes picks up several issues where funding problems lie at the heart. There is also information on the Ealing Junior Music School, arts in the community, the centenary of St David’s Nursing Home and services to vulnerable and homeless people at the Hope Centre. On a lighter note the Vice Chancellor has written to inform us about our own University of West London in the heart of Ealing. For the young and healthy our Sports writer tells us about Ealing Go Karting Club! We hope you will enjoy our Spring Edition. We also urge you to vote in the LONDON MAYORAL ELECTION in MAY


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